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I enjoyed playing on the demo session a couple months ago. It was nice and refreshing being around good attitudes! Makes the session so much better!!

Hello Fearless Leaders, just wanted to say thank you so much for the great session yesterday. Hope it went well on your end. We loved it. Thanks for all your hard work.

I wanted to reach out to you both and say what an absolute pleasure it was to do that work yesterday. After years of enduring condescending, downright rude, mean AND demeaning behavior from top contractors in town, it's just so nice to show up in a place where people are nice, happy to see you, got all their ducks in a row, no wasted time. I used to have nightmares the night before sessions because I found it horrible to be there. I would even cancel work sometimes because I just couldn't face the ugliness in the room. I'm not exaggerating. I hated every second of it. Did you notice people were quiet throughout our whole session? No phones really, reading magazines etc. I also want to commend the thoughtfulness regarding the musicians. Everything was in place. Handing out the checks at the session is SO awesome and having the machine there to print overtime checks out immediately was appreciated. Additionally, we ALL know conductors that are so unorganized, don't know the score, and waste so much time because of their lack of preparation. Our conductor was funny and super respectful of the players, too. All of these ingredients make your sessions pleasurable and that's just the musicians' side. How you engage the clients, I know, is another huge part of what you do and they seemed very pleased. So, congratulations on another excellent session! I am grateful for the work BUT I am just as grateful for being treated so professionally and humanely.

"I would like to thank you again for the opportunity to work with your wonderful orchestra. You managed to put together an outstanding cello section, working was a breeze and a pleasure! Your leadership was right on: decisive, not too overbearing, and to the point. It was a very healthy environment. I am very impressed with the organization you and Jennifer have put together. It's not that easy even when you don't have to face some hurdles, but even more so when you have to perform your duties without a chance to get out of the closet. Kudos to both of you!"

"Aside from composing which I love immensely, playing violin in recording sessions with world-class musicians is another passion of mine and CMG is making it happen for all of us. I could not be more excited for the future! Looking forward to the next recording session!! Thank you again for including me, Karen! :) "

"I really admire what you and Karen are doing and am happy to be part of it! I will also keep any composers in mind and send them your way."

"I want to thank you for asking me to play on your session last week. It was a great session and I thought the orchestra sounded fantastic. I have shared this information with my husband and I am sure he will let his composer friends in town know about your success. He is definitely keeping you in mind for the future. Again thank you for involving me with your project. Congratulations on a job well done. It's a wonderful thing that you are doing for the musicians in Los Angeles."

"There are a few moments in my life in which I consider myself better for experiencing, and working with everyone yesterday was definitely one of those moments. Thank you for what you and Jennifer are doing. I hope that my generation has an opportunity to get a true taste of what it used to be like to be a studio musician, and up until now, there hasn't been a viable opportunity on the horizon. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help CMG now or in the future."

"Thanks, you and Jen...for the gig. I know you two have been working very hard and against really imposing odds. The scope of that project was quite impressive...and y'all ran it with breathtaking efficiency and professionalism. Much gratitude flows through this city for what you're doing. Thanks, not least of all, for having the moxy and the chutzpah to do what needs to be done and what too many folks aren't courageous enough to do. Bravi!!!"

"You're doing a fantastic job Karen and I respect you and also Jennifer very much for all that you have done! I'm incredibly grateful to be given the chance to get a leg up on working in studio sessions. For years I've been wanting to get experience but I know how cutthroat it can be and only the best of the best in the AFM get called. It's either that or people know someone and they pull a favor which always seems to be so corrupt in some of those Hollywood/LA circles.

CMG's response:
This is exactly why Jennifer and I created CMG! We figured the only way to pull the recording back from Europe AND get more people playing on sessions was to create our own company rather than sit around and hope that things will change.

"Dear Jennifer and Karen, I am not sure even where to start. Thank you so much for yesterday. One of the best if not the best recording experience I have had anywhere. And playing violin was absolutely a blast. Some of the players around me were monster players nailing everything. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate ALL you do!! As I mentioned, I have some projects coming up. Let me know if the dates you have coming up are open to others. Would love to get the production companies to sign off early so we can lock things in. Thank you again and both are truly amazing and I appreciate you and all you do!"

"Thank you Karen and Jennifer!!! You did an awesome job!!! I appreciate the Herculean time and effort you've been putting in to this, and support you 100%."

"Hey Jennifer - you did a lovely job at the session. It was great to see you and I love what you are doing. Thanks, dear! You rock."

"You should take a moment to relish what just happened! All your hard work and thinking and stress paid off. That was an excellent session today. In every way musically as well as completely professionally run. Nice people to work with and sit by. I know a lot of thought went into it. You have every reason to be proud of what you've created."

"Hi, Karen, I thought I'd wait until the flurry of emails died down a bit for you to take a moment to say thank you for including me in the session, and congratulations on it being such a success! I'd love to be included in future sessions -- am I already a part of the database, or do I need to sign up? Just let me know either way and I'll take care of it. Again, thank you so much for everything you are doing to help bring work to Los Angeles. It's wonderful to see someone being brave and taking positive, proactive steps to solve the current situation. It is a pleasure working with you!"

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